Dyer Livestock is owned and operated by Jeremy Dyer and is located in Northwest Georgia. We take pride in being a diversified livestock operation as we currently run angus and club calf based cows along with club goat does. Jeremy has the unique opportunity as a traveling fitter and clipper to see livestock all over the country. Each year, this allows Jeremy to bring the best cattle and goats to Dyer Livestock's customers. We also have a working relationship with Crow Show Cattle and Lake Family Livestock. Service is also a very important part of our program. We offer free clipping, fitting, foot trimming, and daily care schedules to all of our customers. We will help our customers in any way possible to achieve their goals. So if you are looking for your next champion please give us a call.

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good vibes may 19 
Supreme Female 17 GA National

grand champion steer 

2018 kentucky state fair

 Shown By: gary allen taylor

Supreme Female 17 GA National Ch Angus & Supreme GA Natl

Supreme champion female & Champion Angus 

2017 Georgia national fair

 Shown By: cronic family

Supreme Female 18 AL Jr Beef Expo Res. Market Animal 18 AL Jr. Beef Expo

Supreme champion female & Champion Purebred Simmental 

2018 Alabama Jr. Beef Expo

 Shown By: Dow Boyd

Res. Champion Market Animal

2018 alabama jr. beef expo

 Shown By: chelsea langley

18 for sale ad 17 goat sales

Grand Champion Market Doe

2015 GA National Fair 

 Showin By: Brett Dyer